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5 No-Sweat Halloween Costumes Fit for Orlando


In many places around the country, Halloween night can be chilly, meaning warm costumes are a must. Year-round sunshine and an average temperature of 80 degrees in late October makes Halloween in Orlando, FL, a whole different ball game. Rather than painting your face as a zombie and sweating it off within the first hour, Alta Grande put together our top five no-sweat Halloween costumes to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the entire night. 

1. Basketball Player

Whether you idolize Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks or Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls, this Halloween costume is perfect to beat the heat in Orlando. Grab your favorite basketball garb, which is basically a breathable tank top, a pair of shorts, tall socks, and Converse, and call it good. If it’s an extra toasty night, you can also throw on a headband to complete the look and hide any excess perspiration. 

2. Lifeguard

Perfect for the beach setting we’re all accustomed to, dressing as a lifeguard is another simple way to stay cool and relaxed while getting into the Halloween spirit. Start with a pair of red shorts and an old white tank top. Paint the word “Lifeguard” on the tank top, and then grab a visor, sunblock your nose, and search your room for a whistle. Punctuate the look with some flip-flops. Bonus points if you can find a life preserver to complete the look.

3. Referee

Another cheap and simple costume to keep your heat levels down is a sports referee! All you need to do is purchase a black-and-white-striped shirt with a collar if you don’t have one already, snag a whistle, black hat, long black socks, black athletic shoes, and you’ll be good to go. All your friends who didn’t plan ahead will be sweating their face masks off while you run circles around them!

4. Pocahontas

While most princes and fairy-tale costumes are a surefire way to escape the Florida heat and humidity, Pocahontas might be the simplest and cheapest route to go. All you need is a tan-colored tank top dress, a brown tie for a belt, simple leather sandals, a headband with feathers, a beaded necklace, and a pair of braids to become the Disney princess we all know and love. 

5. Fred Flintstone

As one of the most iconic cartoon characters of our time, Fred Flintstone is an amazing Halloween costume that will keep you cool and refreshed in the Orlando heat. All you need is a large turquoise tie that you can either make or buy, some black paint, and a large piece of orange fleece fabric. According to, simply fold the large cloth in half, lay a large T-shirt over it, and trace around it until you have a long, shirt-like dress. Next, paint some black dots on it, tie your tie, and throw some flip-flops on so you don’t burn your feet walking around on the hot pavement. 

At Alta Grande, we like to stay ahead of the game and be prepared for whatever life throws at us next. For more tips about living in Orlando, check out our blog page!

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