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How to Host the Ultimate Holiday Party This Season


So you want to host the ultimate holiday party at home this year? We have a few tips and tricks for pulling off the best get-together, one that your friends won’t stop talking about and will make memories for a lifetime. All it takes is a few personal touches, a little ambiance, and a group of your favorite people. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Go Retro with Paper Invitations

Start the party off strong before it even begins. Send your invitees a physical party invitation – yes, using the real-life U.S. Postal Service. Use this small gesture to get creative, play with the design, and set the stage for what your guests can expect. Think about fun inserts you can include along with the invitation. Let’s say you are having a potluck. Insert a separate small card with their dish assignment. Get your mailing list and your stamps together. It’s time to rally the troops!

A Killer Playlist is Key

Nothing makes a good party like a fire playlist. Whether your decorations are super minimal or all out, if your guests love music, that’s all that matters. Take into consideration who will be at your party and what kind of feel you want the event to feel like. From there, you can create your own or find a premade playlist that fit the intended ambiance. This upbeat playlist is great for getting a dance party going or you can try this low-key playlist for a most sophisticated cocktail night.

Get an A+ on the Appetizers

This is your chance to really knock it out of the park. Try to pair your food choices with the theme of the evening. And remember, try to mix it up with dishes that need to be cold and those that can stay at room temperature, that way you’ll always have food ready and available. This holiday cheese wreath is super simple to make and adds an extra-festive punch to the food table or spice things up with these bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers

The Sweetest Take-Home Dessert Bar

Combine dessert with a thanks-for-coming gift by setting out a sweets bar. Gather together cute containers, fill them with different candies and baked goods, then hand your guests a party bag to fill up and bring home! You’ll have them thinking about your awesome event for days to come. 

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