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A collection of succulent plants.

How to Make the Ultimate Indoor Succulent Garden


You know those oh-so-luscious succulent gardens you see all over Pinterest? Those cute little ecosystems that make you feel as green as the glossy little hens and chicks spilling out of rose-gold-trimmed glass terrariums and perfectly placed hanging planters? If you know exactly what we’re talking about, then this article is for you. Here’s how to put together the indoor succulent garden of your dreams.

Get your green thumb ready. This step-by-step guide to turning your home into an indoor oasis will keep you feeling outdoorsy all year long.

Scout Your Sunny Spaces

If you live in Orlando, FL, you might not be used to having to search for good sun, but when it comes to keeping any houseplant happy, those golden rays are your No. 1 ally. Even though succulents are typically drought resistant, which makes them a great starter plant, they still need upward of eight hours of direct sunlight each day.

Before you start picking out plants and pots, do a little recon around your space to see where plants will get the best light. South-facing windows are ideal, because they expose your plants to bright morning light that helps them thrive, and keep in mind how the light will change throughout the day. If your place doesn’t have any good light at all, consider hanging an indoor UV light bulb over your indoor garden space.

Pro Tip: Start small, but not too small. When it comes time to pick your plants, don’t go overboard right away, since keeping plants alive can be a learning curve. You also want to make sure your new garden isn’t so small that you completely forget about it.

Here’s What You Need to Buy

The size and scale of your little landscape will vary based on your available space and budget, so how much of each item you buy will depend on those factors. Any home and garden store should have what you need, but it’s always a good idea to check out prices and options online. To help you get started, here is your complete shopping list for an indoor succulent garden:

  • Succulents of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Cacti can be a fun addition since they thrive in similar conditions
  • Indoor potting soil. Quality counts here, so buy the best within your budget. 
  • Fertilizer, but only if you want them to grow A LOT! These sticks make it easy to keep your plants fed. DO NOT fertilize or over water your succulents if you want to keep them small!
  • Pots, planter boxes, terrariums, etc. We love the variety offered at Uncommon Goods! If you’re buying terra-cotta pots or pots with a draining hole, you also need bases so the water you give them doesn’t drain out all over the place – saucers and dinner plates will do the job in a pinch. 
  • Soil coverage. Dress the top of your soil with sand or aquarium rocks to prevent gnats and flies from laying larvae in your plants’ roots, because the larva will eat your roots and kill your plants. 
  • Decorations. Make a fairy garden or a Jurassic scene by adding cute little figures. The Miniature Garden Shoppe has more options that you can believe! 

Pro Tip: To figure out how much potting soil you need, check the sticker for the cubic space of your planters, and then buy soil accordingly. If you like a more casual approach, eyeballing it works, too. 

Buyers Guide

Picking the right plants is actually really easy, because each one should come with a little plastic stake in the soil that tells you exactly how to care for it. Pay attention to these cards, because they will tell you if they’re a good fit for your home, and if they can be planted together – meaning they require similar conditions. Here’s what you’ll find on a plant card:

  • How much sun the plants need, including direct/indirect sunlight.
  • How damp to keep the soil – meaning how often you’ll need to water it.
  • How far apart to place them from other plants and the edge of the planter.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to how much space your plants need, because overcrowding will kill them quickly. Err on the side of space since they will grow into their new home.

Find the Perfect Place to Set Your Roots

If a great little succulent garden is on your wishlist for your next home, the South Orlando apartments for rent at Alta Grande are the perfect place to cultivate the landscape of your ideal life. Just give us a call to learn more.

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